Dream your legacy into reality

I’m a dreamchaser…

To change the world


If you look at my blogs you will realize I am an abstract person. I will tell you what this world had become through my own eyes and tell you little philosophies what life is by looking with my heart. You don’t have to agree with anything playing in my mind but I am always open for new opportunities to learn.

“I just love making music.”

I delve into every genre that appeals me and try to make it my own. Mix country with R&B, that 80’s feel of the retro electronica together with the technology of today, Or simply make a classical ambient theme for film and animation. Art is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. I draw my life like a painting with many dark and bright layers. I choose the colors from picking up retro elements and making them my own, or simply look for new roads to walk that appeal to my lifestyle.
here you will not only find my work and music, You will find my feelings and opinions about the world we live in.
… Change the world is changing yourself!